About Us

Trust Aims

The Trust has four key aims to maintain focus when considering and undertaking heritage initiatives:

To acquire or receive heritage assets into the Trust and maintain a register.

To restore heritage assets by construction, or reconstruction, to a state which is deemed historically or present day appropriate.

To preserve heritage assets, by protecting them from damage, repairing them or by performing maintenance.

To share information about heritage assets and projects, by providing access to, undertaking research of, and providing information about these assets.

The Appledore Maritime Heritage Trust (AMHT) was established in 2017 to ensure Appledore Village and the surrounding area retains its maritime identity with the passage of time, protecting heritage assets for future generations. The Trust was formed from an amalgamation of the Appledore Community Trust and CASH (Celebrating Appledore's Shipping Heritage), which was dissolved in December 2014.

AMHT is separate from the ARA (Appledore Residents' Association), although two members are on the committees of both.

AMHT is a not-for-profit Charitable Trust, registered with the Charity Commission (1115006), and exists through your generosity without which maritime heritage assets of the Taw and Torridge estuaries are at risk of being lost or forgotten. The Trust welcomes your help to secure the future of these heritage assets for many generations to experience, enjoy and learn from.

All the generous time and effort given by the Trustees and its Volunteers is entirely free, and the Trustees wish to thank all those who support the work of AMHT.

The Trustees

David Avery



Former Chair: Appledore Community Trust

John Puddy


Maritime Heritage Advisor

Chair SS Freshspring Trust

Richard Ker



Former Chair: Celebrating Appledore's Shipping Heritage

Appledore Residents' Association - committee member

Andrew Laugherne


Legal Advisor

Trust secretary

Committee Members

Joy Smart

Management Team

John Puddy

Team leader

Richard Ker