Jane Hannah MacDonald III Lifeboat

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Date Asset Registered: 4th June 2020

Asset Description: Former RNLI Lifeboat ON611

Asset Builder: Thames Iron Works & Ship Building Company

Restoration Date: Start _______ Completion _______

Description of Restoration/Build: TBA

Asset Registrations:

        • Association of Dunkirk Little Ships

        • National Historic Ships UK

Reference to other sources:

      • Association of Dunkirk Little Ships

      • National Historic Ship UK

The Appledore Maritime Heritage Trust is the custodian of the Ex-RNLI Jane Hannah MacDonald III lifeboat which is registered with National Historic Ships and the Association of Dunkirk Little Ships.

Despite all her scars and life of service, she remains as an intact hull with distinct end boxes. Considerable repair is needed: the internal structural and deck levels require reconstruction in addition to all metal work, ropes and sail rigging. A restoration project is planned for her.

For more information about the vessel, see the National Historic Ships site.